Monday, June 22, 2009


hello everywone, do U know Enchanted?

Enchanted menceritakan tentang seorang putri di dunia kartun pergi ke dunia manusia, kalau ingin mengetahui kelanjutannya nonton saja Enchanted. ( you must watch it)

and.... Ur coment make me day <3

Friday, June 5, 2009

about me : )

lately I rarely open the internet because I am currently busy studying for the second semester, I am so bored :(
horeeeee!!!!! this day I can open internet freely so now I can tell my stories to friends all day
Usually after school I am always in a hurry , cause I like cartoon in disney or nick, And it will end if my mother yells ALSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my mother later pull cord tv :( I was going all season replay . (but this is harmful for me) :(


Call me alsa :) Actually I'm 11 (I hate it whether you recognize this)
my sister is maudita alteresti and I'm waaaay more beautiful than my sister hahaha I don't lie.
Both my eyes and hair are black, and I'm quite tall.
Welcome to my blog! Your comments make my day <3